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Pick A Cause, Any Cause

I’ve noticed a dangerous and contagious epidemic sweeping the streets of Melbourne of late. It’s far stronger than the common cold, hasn’t received half the coverage that swine flu did, won’t give you a reason to call in sick to work but is so bad I’ve taken to protecting myself at all times, as pictured above. I’m talking about indifference—to causes, problems that aren’t #firstworld and anything else ever so mildly out of one’s immediate jurisdiction.

I was recently discussing the widespread indifference to “difficult” topic like politics, humanitarian causes or feminism that exists in our peers with a friend who now lives overseas and he claimed that this isn’t the case elsewhere, where one apparently gets more than a shrug by way of opinion. It seems that because our generation has escaped the obvious struggles of our fore bearers we feel that things like politics, racism and gender inequality are no longer relevant to us.

I’m not going to be winning any awards for humanitarian of the year in this lifetime but at least I have the good graces to perceive my ignorance as a flaw rather than an entitlement to selfishness accorded to me as a member of the lucky middle class minority of the world. It’s the least one can do. I know it’s not easy to care about everything, but it’s even harder to care about nothing…

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