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Lucky Dip

A very special package arrived in the mail yesterday from my friends at This Is Not A Mall. It even had rave cat stickers (the only kind of acceptable cats that, unlike their CatPaint cousins, will remain forever in style). Before you ask, yes, I did purposely blur the address on this photo, I can’t have you all turning up on my doorstep in hordes.

What I found inside was so intricately wrapped I felt like I was playing an elaborate game of pass the parcel. The lucky dip at the primary school fetes of my childhood were also brought to mind, only the prize was actually good. I forgot how much fun those games were, I’m thinking of staging a coup to bring them back if anyone is interested?

Much like opening presents on Christmas Day, I attempted to painstakingly ease the perfectly wrapped offering out of its multiple layers, but the excitement got too much for me. The carnage I left in my wake is below…

An enclosed thank you note and surprise sparkle motion to hang my keys on was the super sweet icing on the cake. Online shopping can be personal after all, there just needs to be ying-yang stickers involved. I was so excited about the wrapping I nearly forgot about the head piece I actually ordered—stay tuned for breaking news updates on how I go integrating it into my wardrobe. Over and out.

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