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P.A.M As Fetish Object

A fetish object is one perceived to have supernatural powers—a crafted, tangible thing somehow accorded disproportionate magical attributes that allow it to control and entice human subjects. Where in ancient times fetish objects were revered religious relics such as the bones, fur and crystals used in Voodoo magic, since Karl Marx penned the term “commodity fetishism” to describe the perception of objects as literally dictating the practices and social activities that produce them, everything from cars to designer bags have taken on fetish status.

These P.A.M x Diemme boots are my latest personal fetish object. I wish that was me bending down to acquire a tasty croissant with my multicoloured fingernails. I would be a way better person.

The trouble with fetishising inanimate material possessions is that if you do eventually gain ownership over them this actualisation is rarely as fulfilling as your imagined joy. The bigger problem is, sometimes it is. For instance, I have been grateful for my Acne Track Boots since the day I possessed them….

The only issue is that they are ever so slightly too high for the every day and may one day result in a broken ankle should the need to break into a light jog in order to catch the tram present itself. My life is so unglamorous. Why is it that the things you love the most always cause you pain?

I bet the P.A.M babies would never hurt my ankles, they’re like the hot cousin of the hiking boot. Only problem is, they would take my annual boot expenditure to a percentage of my income I’m not entirely comfortable with.

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