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In Defence Of Crooked Teeth

Everyone seems to have a Hollywood smile these days. Sometimes I worry about the fact that I never embraced the awkward pre-teen phase and made my parents mortgage their house to pay for braces. Will my less than ten out of ten pearly whites stop me from being taken seriously in the business world? What do you think?

Then I remember that  beauty is imperfection, right? Case in point…




In Japan Twi-hards are even paying for “yaeba”—a cosmetic procedure that lengthens and sharpens the canine teeth in order to emulate the sharp fangs of famous vampires like Edward Cullen. The yaeba look is considered adorable and cute as it makes pretty girls more approachable than their orthodontic friendly, perfectly fanged peers. Perhaps I just haven’t found my target market?

Either way, no one is ever happy with what God gave them. My beautiful friend Nemo is self conscious of her sharp, wolverine style bone structure…You really can’t win.




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