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Babushka Dolls Exposed

Babushka dolls are having a moment. They’ve inspired everyone from local designer Alice McCall, who borrowed their name for the title of her Spring Summer 2013 collection, to model Anja Konstantinova, who has a particularly adorable one brandished across her back.

Some simple investigative journalism discovered the shocking truth about these dolls. They’re living a lie. According to my sources* Babushka is actually a commonly misused term for the correct Russian name for these little pass the parcel style ornaments—Matryoshka dolls. There you have it. Babushka apparently refers to a traditional Eastern European style of headscarf, which ties together below the chin. A fashion friendly variation of the head scarf does however feature in Alice McCall’s collection, so I guess she gets to keep her credibility, this time. Here are some of my favourite snaps of McCall’s living dolls taken at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week earlier this year, borrowed from Vogue.com.au for your eyes. The  collection will debut at the start of October nationally, including at the new boutique on Chapel St, South Yarra, which opens this Saturday. Incidentally this Saturday is the one month birthday of The Daily Ritual—surely an auspicious omen of good luck for the store?

Hungarian peasantry never looked so chic. I’m enjoying the drop waists and the Heidi braids are making me wish my hair would grow back already.  I leave you with another type of Babooshka—a little ditty by Kate Bush about a paranoid wife who tries to test her husband’s loyalty.

* Wikipedia. Please note this expose may not actually be factually sound, but you should never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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