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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Where yesterday I uncovered the secrets of the Babushka/Matryoshka doll, today I’m forecasting that next season will be all about a different kind of doll with a function that is particularly pertinent to my current mental state—the Worry Doll. As the legend goes, “If you have a problem, then share it with a worry doll. Before going to bed, tell one worry to each doll, then place them beneath your pillow. Whilst you sleep the dolls will take your worries away!”  

Hallelujah, I’ve just put in an order for 3 dozen of these babies on the fair trade website Global Marketplace.org. I’m going to adorn my neck, ears, lapels and stuff my entire pillowcase in the hope of offloading some of that pent up anxiety I’ve been carrying around of late. My only concern is for the psychological state of these dolls. Who do they tell their worries to? What if they get sick of lending an understanding ear? The more I think about this the more strung out I get, let’s change the subject.

I’ve got between 5-10 days until my new Guatemalan friends arrive and no one to offload my problems to until then, so here goes…

What will happen to this blog if my internet connection doesn’t work one day?

What if HBO cuts GIRLS and it never returns for a second season?

What if my worry dolls get lost in the post?

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G-21 Summit

Earlier this year the G-20 Summit saw 20 influential finance ministers and central bank governors from the world’s major economies get together in Mexico to discuss business, international relations and financial stability amidst an increasingly gloomy international climate. The mood was understandably tense.

Early next month I will be attending a summit of a contrastingly positive, but nonetheless important variety—my dear friend and one time Sydney bed fellow Nemo, aka Othertoone, is hosting her very own G-21 Summit to commemorate her coming of age. To appeal to the less politically minded of guests the phrase “people of influence” has been left open to interpretation—party goers are free to come as anyone from Julia Gillard to Jennifer Hawkins, depending on their opinion of who matters most. Hands down the cleverest theme of the 21st season, not that I’d expect any less from Nemo…

Judging from the intricacy of the invitations (they bring to mind a certain scene from Bridesmaids) the evening is bound to be totally THE BEST PARTY EVER. Just like Jessa from GIRLS, as jaded as I am I hold out hope that the next party really will be the best party ever.

After recently investing in an Indian inspired head adornment from my friends at the social enterprise and veritable treasure trove of super-cool-and-not-boring fashion from the orient that is This is Not a Mall (I discovered the site after writing about it for Broadsheet), I’m thinking some form of Bollywood princess get-up is in order. Not sure when else a headpiece that involves a clip on nose ring will be appropriate party attire? I knew it would come in handy though…Hopefully it will make me look just like Abbey Lee, or else I’m getting them for false advertising.

Insert a bindi (to let my third eye wink), henna hands and a sari inspired dress.It worked for Natalie Portman, although so did a shaved head so that’s not completely reassuring…

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