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Ginseng And Wine

I’ve recently started following, or at least gesturing towards, categorising foods according to Chinese medicine. Amidst my attempts to align my chi, I have been doing some reading which tells me the following, in endearingly broken English…

COLOR THERAPY— Foods can also be classified according to their color. According to nutritionists, it is not only the content, but also the colour of food that influences your response to a meal. For example, I have noticed that after several months of ginseng consumption, I have become more sociable and more appreciative of human company. Real ginseng isn’t very pretty, so here is a cartoon that I don’t really understand by way of visual aide.

ALCOHOL, THE NATURE OF— Some people say; drinking medical wine in the winter for a couple of times and stop when the spring begins will make you age-old and prevents a hundred diseases.

So from the above I have deduced that ginseng wine (yes, it does exist) might just be the next superfood. Move over acai.


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