My Day on a Plate

I wonder if people lie when they get interviewed for this section of the paper?

This is an actual extract from the dietary diary of “ex-model and charity fundraiser” Nell McAndrew from the UK Telegraph’s My Day on a Plate section…

7am Greek-style yogurt with strawberries, oat bran, wheat germ and lots of LinuSprout (powdered flaxseed), plus a coffee.

8.45am Drop my son at school then do a six-mile run. I run five times a week and compete in marathons, half-marathons and fun runs.

10am Dash home and have whey protein, banana and nuts to keep up energy levels. Check emails then go to a meeting about a new fitness DVD (my fifth!).

1pm Cottage cheese and beetroot with sunflower and barley bread, then some dark chocolate. Clean the house then go food shopping.

Surely she actually ate her feelings and a little box of shame at McDonald’s for lunch after that six-mile run effort? I hope so.

Although The Telegraph is yet to request to profile my culinary intake I’m going to go ahead and fill you in. Get ready, this rig isn’t going to starve itself.

The Daily Ritual’s Day on a Plate

7am Wake up at dawn to go for a 30km run. I’m really motivated like that. Get home starving and really feel like eggs because you’ve got to be careful with your protein levels, so I start the day with these tasty treats courtesy of Cadbury, who happen to be sponsoring me for my next marathon (refer to the bit about my unusually high motivation)…

10am I need to eat every three hours to avoid getting hangry (a dangerous hybrid emotion between hunger and anger) so I chomp on these low release energy treats with a big skinny latte. I don’t know exactly what they’re made of, some weird health product that isn’t legal here yet I think. It just burns up all your carbs.

1pm Feeling a bit bloated and I have a shoot this afternoon so I decide to be skinny and eat two sultanas and a kilo of veggies I prepared earlier for lunch. Nom Nom. Veggies are my friend, you may not make friends with salad but you sure do with stir fry, espesh when there’s lentils involved 🙂 🙂 🙂

3pm The photographer said I looked “fuller” in my bikini at the shoot so I warm up a few blocks of cheeky cooking chocolate to console myself over. Can someone say three thirtyitis!!

7pm Back on the diet train, I do some downward dogs then decide to eat another kind of dog for dinner. Feeling very spiritual these days.

10pm Finish the day with a big cup of seaweed infused tea to cleanse my colon. Namaste and night night, best get some rest before the morning beach run/hot as the flames of Hades Bikram challenge that’s on at the gym tomorrow. Must impress the instructor, Fabio. I feel so thankful for every day! The human body is so amazing!! X

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