Call Me Augustus Gloop

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Alice Euphemia X Romance Was Born Sweet 16th birthday party—a combined launch of Romance’s The Miraculous Mundane Spring 2013 collection and Willy Wonka themed coming of age for Alice, undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s finest purveyors of covetable objects. Let’s just say this shin-dig blew MTV’s My Super Sweet 16th out of the water.

Between the artwork of Stephen Bush, the outfits of guests, the psychedelically printed garments that adorned mannequins with wigs that brought to mind sherbet bombs and the sweet treats courtesy of Sticky Fingers Bakery, my senses were seriously spacking out.

This guy’s triple threat tongue sneakers would have been perfect for a Sneaker Freaker party I am going to tonight!Big shout out to the super sweet, clever and inspiring Emma Do of Pocketto for inviting me to be her accomplice for the evening! Our only regret? Not getting to meet the girls from Trophy Wife Nails, although I would have spent the conversation hiding my own naked and ill-manicured stumps, so at least I saved myself the embarrassment…

The new collection left me humming a little Willy Wonka ditty that goes something like this…“I want to wrap it all up in my pocket, it’s my bar of chocolate, give it to me NOW!” The bridge dress is my pick of the collection, way better than a golden goose.

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