It’s A Blog Eat Blog World

A lot of blogs suck—I’m not being cocky, this is kind of like when you have a discussion with your friends and rate and rip apart the physical shortcomings of Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities. Regardless, even of the successful blogs too many present little more than a photo montage of another thin, pretty girl in head to toe designer outfits breezing nonchalantly through life and posting photos of food she can’t possibly be eating. The kind of thing you find in a magazine, in short. Here are a few that differ and have been inspiring me of late, in other words, some blogs that don’t suck…


Karley Sciortino is training to be a dominatrix, pees on people and hangs out with Alexa Chung, from what I can ascertain from recent posts. She’s like a funny, actually shocking solution for people who didn’t get a boner over 50 Shades of Grey but still have needs and unanswered questions, LOL. She’s advertising for an intern in New York at the moment, so if you’re over there and think you can sell Karley’s underwear on Craig’s list I strongly suggest you apply immediately. Here’s a delightful cartoon she drew…

The Skartorialist

If there’s a female equivalent to a skateboard I haven’t discovered it yet (maybe a skateboard?). Carrying one basically makes you 500 times more likely to be hot and get people to have sex with you. It’s like the opposite of Birkenstocks. This guy might be an exception to that rule but he still looks pretty sick…

Cook Suck

Seriously scathing internet food police—the Masterchef equivalent of a worst dressed list. I was thinking of submitting a snap of these sad rum balls I made by substituting coconut for I can’t remember what last Christmas. They look like hamburgers. 😦

Here’s some perfect ones my talented model/baker (they do exist) friend Zoe made and cute lil Tali chowing down on one….

Tiny Times

“I’m a baby. And a blogger”, reads the byline for Sydney’s kinder answer to Suri’s Burn Book. This kid is already cooler than you, is hosting his first exhibition soon and gets around in cardigans with Ziggy Stardust on them. The blog was originally called Tiny Sartorialist, before he decided to branch out and blog about other things than just his perfectly executed ensembles. Leaps and bounds. Adorable. Here’s a photo to warm your heart…

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  1. other to one says:

    The competition is tough Fish

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