*******Let Your Third Eye Wink*******

The third eye, or inner eye, is a mystical concept popularised in dharmic religions such as Hinduism that can be unleashed through high level spiritual practice and meditation. It is associated with a heightened sense and understanding of one’s inner realms and enlightenment. All of a sudden there’s nothing more hipster than being a hippie, with every second girl running around Melbourne like she’s at Meredith with a bindi straight out of Bollywood firmly placed mid brow, in a fashion nod to the third eye.

When I was little I had a serious penchant for shiny things and had one of these necklaces, lost in the playground long ago. I wish I could find it, perhaps that’s why my chakra is feeling seriously misaligned these days….Image

Conceptual, refreshingly creative Melbourne bred design duo DI$COUNT are tempting me with their artfully sequinned answer to the third eye. Like my little bit of sparkle motion, this is all 90’s dance costume for grown ups in the best possible way. Today is my last day to order one, before according to the girl’s site, they will NEVER be made again. That just sounds like a bad omen. Best buy one and start the long road to inner zen now!


Apparently if you fail to understand your third eye you risk ending up like this….Image

…when you want to be like this!


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2 thoughts on “*******Let Your Third Eye Wink*******

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