T-ara YaYaYa !!!

When I was a wee lass I watched My Girl for the first time and liked it so much I decided to change my name to Veda in the hope that I would meet my very own real life version of Macauley Culkin. At the time I hated my name because a friend’s older brother had charmingly deemed it “the weirdest name in the world”—the taunts of the playground take years to forget, after all. That was clearly a time before celebrity babies were named after fruit. I recently discovered the Korean Bubblegum pop band T-ara, who with their perfectly synchronised dance routines and lyrics like “YaYaYa” have given me a whole new reason to thank my mother for giving me a name that literally translates to “scraggy hill”. It’s a great day for Tara’s worldwide.

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One thought on “T-ara YaYaYa !!!

  1. Rebecca says:

    good work scraggy hill!!

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