Sparkle Motion

Urban dictionary defines sparkle motion as a phrase that can be used to describe something awesome. Originally from the movie “Donnie Darko”, where Sparkle Motion was the name of a dance group composed of little girls.

Here is some insane and literal sparkle motion in the form of what I ascertained is a ten year old’s pre-loved jazz ballet costume I recently fished out of a bin at Camberwell Market for a sweet fiver. It brings back serious childhood memories of tightly curled ringlets, itchy sequinned fabric from Spotlight and pretending to remember the routine whilst actually hiding behind the person in front of me and copying them (much the same as what I do on the dance floor these days)…

I’m thinking they could work separately, maybe by paring back the shorts with a loose white t-shirt or wearing the crop top with high waisted pants? Alternatively, I could go the whole enchilada and let the twin set remain united, at risk of potential institutionalisation? I feel like Man Repeller would approve. Apparently she’s hitched these days so there’s hope for even those among us who will remain forever fond of a dropped crotch and arm party.

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