An Achievable Daily Ritual

Sometimes I’m not so bright. When I named this blog The Daily Ritual it didn’t immediately occur to me that I need actually partake in the ritual of posting on a daily basis, as the name suggests. It was more of a throw away. In fact, a play on The Financial Review‘s tag line, ‘the daily habit of successful people‘. It turns out is already owned by one Discount Domain Names. Lucky guy.

When a friend, clearly more insightful than myself, asked if this project was to be a daily ritual I realised the expectations I had created. We all know how great expectations too often end… That was two months ago and since then I have produced nothing more than inane tweets at a daily and alarming rate. Better late than never. For the next month I will attempt to write something—however great or small, each day. Scouts honour.

Watch this space.


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